16dpiui bfn and spotting

I waited I got brown spotting on 14,15 and 16 DPO so was convinced it was AF i was due and got a bfn, then started bleeding so assumed it was AF. The spotting went away for a few days then I had a pap on Wednesday and then started spotting red yesterday. But apparently this kind of thing can happen. It is not unusual to have cramps, or even spotting…. 08. 7 on 18dpiui, then 58. Any other advice during the 2WW or symptoms that helped you know this was "the" cycle? Having been pregnant before I just knew I was pregnant. 26 Apr, 2010 --New TCM fertility specialist-TCM doc No3. I also took three accidental couch naps between 10DPIUI and 16DPIUI and I am NOT a nap person. I took an hpt anyway, and it was negative. This month I had 2 cysts. Hysteroscopy scheduled for 10/28 to zap her out. Bfp or bfn On Monday (14dpiui) I home tested early AM and got a faint bfp. weird tightening in stomach. I started spotting early this morning and today it has been a mix of light red and dark brown spotting/light bleeding. Feb 9, 2008 Clots subsided that evening and all went well after that, bleeding go the clotting bleeding and it was BFN and now you get a very stong BFP?Oct 26, 2010 Communities>Pregnancy 35 and Older>Brown spotting 15 days after IUI (??) to have brownish spotting (my periods always start off fire engine red, . Then, at just before six weeks, I had some minor spotting that lasted only a few hours. Problem is, all of the plus signs can all be explained by the Pr. is not quite the same as dpo but I have never heard of waiting 24 days after iui to test! After my last cycle, I was told to test at 16dpiui and then again if that was negative at 17dpiui. Hoping for a Little Blessing Followers. Still crazy huge, painful boobs, a plus. If you know yet, how many babies? One perfect beautiful heartbeat was seen today 11. Methotrexate injection administered. JustMommies Message Boards » Grief and Loss » Recurrent Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss » TTC after recurrent loss » Guess I should return the dust Welcome to the JustMommies Message Boards. 20. 2005 · I had brown spotting (with a little red) for 3 days 11, 12 and 13 DPO. 11/20/09 Beta My first beta was very low, which was a warning sign in retrospect, but I was told not to be terribly concerned. I found something similar to this on another site and found it VERY helpful, but not enough PCOSers. baby baby dust baby shower best day ever beta BFN BFP book club Delayed in DINKville The OB said there is a good chance that I will experience some bleeding/spotting as I ween myself off of the extra hormones and I'm Beta #1 7dp5dt= 197 Beta #2 9dp5dt= 438 Um, yeah, that's a tall number. 6dpo - 98. Ovulation confirmed by opk’s and ultrasound (we had planned on doing another iui, but it showed I had already ovulated on cd13. How common is implantation bleeding at about 12 DPO? I'm somewhere around 10-12 DPO (not sure exactly as I was on holiday and not testing for a few days, pretty sure its about 12 though) AF is currently 4 days late. BTW - I got my BFP 14days post IUI (which could be 12dpo). If your RE doesn’t let you for whatever reason, ask your OB if you can get an ultrasound because you are having clamps, spotting, etc… I know usually a regular OB won’t see you that early, but I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks with my OB when I suspected I was having an early miscarriage. some minor cramping and lumbar aches. Honestly, it just felt like I was about to get my period - crampy, backache, nipple pain, etc. Let us know how you go. This time, my period started 4 days after stopping the progesterone. Well, that stopped and didn't last long at all. 16dpiui bfn and spotting Yes, I was supplementing with progesterone. U/S confirms ectopic pregnancy. Urine test can take sometimes 10 to 15 days after the expected period date to give positive result as initially the hcg values are quite low and not detectable by kits available in the market as they are callibrated ones. He creates whate 7dpo 14dpiui 15 weeks ashermans beginning BFN bleeding blood test books bust cancer CD3 CD11 clomid cramping cysts early menopause endometriosis estradiol estrogen exercise fallopian tube family femara fertility fertilityfriend fibroids follicles FSH hormone tests husband hysterosalpingogram hysteroscopy implantation infertility injectables While my beta date was not scheduled until next Tuesday, July 26 (why 16dpiui, I don't know), I started spotting Wednesday afternoon and AF arrived today (CD30). Period, then Spotting and Positive Pregnancy Test . My beta is not scheduled until Monday, which will be 16dpiui. Common Questions and Answers about Femara spotting. I was due for AF today so I'm not even entertaining the idea of IB. First Beta number(s)? 301 - 16dpiui 10. AF brought 2 days of pain but the flow is more normal and with occasional clots. Is there still a chance? I'm 11dpiui and bfn is there still hope?? hoping4babytwins. 3, insomnia, loose BMs. 2013 · I've been testing everyday, still bfn veins getting darker and going to nipples now, painful boobs getting worse, especially when cold. I'm one week into my tww and symptom spotting like crazy! and still no sign but tested again this morning at 16dpiui and still bfn! I called the clinic who said By J Samia Mair J. This is my fourth IUI. From your late spotting, bloods and measurements it sounds My very best friend has a super regular cycle. Did you have implantation spotting? No 9. But BFN. This cycle I had two follies, but one was very tiny at 13 when IUI was done. 16 dpo, no af, BFN!!! Anyone else in this same boat? I'm CD 30 16 DPO, my longest cycle is 30. However, with this new pregnancy, I started to feel stronger pregnancy symptoms earlier on. Then about Day 11 I had some moderate cramps and spotting. 2012 · So I had a crazy surprise today, and am curious if anyone has any insight for me. No other symptoms. Day 34 of cycle with light brown spotting yesterday mostly when I wiped! I tested yesterday and negative! When are u gonna test again? I tested yesterday and negative! When are u gonna test again?22. 7 million post-wash (yikes! bad bad bad) 7/12/2010: BFN 7/13/2010: Sink into major depression, TTC naturally now 10/13/2010: IVF consult 10/20/2010: sonohysterogram shows polyp returns. 2017 · I am currently 12dpiui, and I think 12dpo, and got a BFN this morning on a FRER. Posted 03/01/2013. Face so broken up I need to dip it in a vat of concealer, a minus. Thing is Ive been experiencing cramp on and off since the day of iui and the last few days my boobs have been very sore. Samia Mair finds motherhood in an unexpected place at the end of her battle to conceive. Watery CM. What you think? I bet you My first beta was 14. qb i get spotting 3 days before af is due normally starting with pink then brown. 2010 · 29 Mar, 2010--Another BFN. 10. Thanks, I'll hold off and test again. please can anybody help. I have no signs of AF, little twings here and there since 11-12 dpo Has anyone gotten a BFN after AF was due, and later gotten a BFP? Did anyone else have slight spotting 8 days before their period? 0 Asked 36 minutes ago No brown spotting after today. On Friday, I began to spot and have been spotting since. 14. AF is due Monday so I am not late yet but I've had brown spotting only when I wipe the last two 9 Mar 2012 It was just spotting at that point, and just figured it'd get heavier fairly soon. 2009 · After 1 bligted ovum and 1 molar pregnancy, she was getting BFN at 28DPO, thinking the worst again, she saw her doc who confirmed that she was 6wks pregnant. Couldn't resist testing! had cramps on left side 8 dpiui but BFN on a very 16 Mar 2010 AF was due on sunday but the day before AF was due i woke to find dark red/brown when i wiped (sorry tmi!) and that was all i had!I'm currently 16dpiui, negative hpt and I've stopped the progesterone because I was instructed to at 14dpiui if my test was negative. It only lasted 1. I'm not sure exactly what the math was for her. 19dpo - 98. Should I test again or wait it out? So today is 14dpiui for me and my 2ww is over! I am more confused and frustrated than ever now. 05. That lasted about 5 days. I had vag u/s at Both BFN. 01. Do not give up until AF comes! Do not give up until AF comes! at 13 DPO, after 5 days of BFN's!11. But I've been nauseous all week and still no sign of AF. If it was . So I'm out - again. So on monday I called the nurse and they told me to take a HPT and call them with the outcome. femara. 12. She kept getting BFN until just the other day (she's now 6w2d pregnant). Normally, I wake up to find AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) here 5 Mar 2011 the IUI (intrauterine insemination) had worked and then did a test (clearblue plus) last night (16dpiui) and got a BFN! Am i mad to be hanging I am now at 14 dpo, so the spotting has lasted five days. No brownish CM (cervical mucus) and no spotting. I'm actually really confused about the whole thing because I had definite implantation spotting on days 3&4PT. temp went down a bit today, feels like af is going to show and I had two days of spotting (yesterday was brown) I am 16dpiui. 10-13 dpo spotting but BFN?? Hi everyone! I'm very confused, so maybe you have experience something similar and can help me outFor the past few months, a couple days before AF is supposed to arrive, I have like 1 or 2 days of very light spotting. I took a hpt 12dpiui and got a bfn. 2013 · Thanks for the advice ladies and the explanation of BFN and BFP. Beta #4 at 21dIUI=72. On CD10 I started spotting, which is normal for me. My DH and I had intercourse on 11dpiui and on 12dpiui I started spotting again. 2009 · Hi Im never normally late. So my fingers are crossed for this cycle. frer with fmu every day for last 4 days and bfn's only, but no sign of af on 16dpiui what day should af come by? The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. year when I was 10/28/09 (my birthday) Beta #2 at 16dpIUI=37! It doubled!!! 11/2/09 Spotting begins. After my first iui I got AF at 19dpiui because of a cyst. BreaO 06/05/15. By 10pm I couldn't keep my eyes open and slept so hard. By Mcdoodle7944 At the same time, some people do have quite severe early pregnancy spotting, without ever Femara spotting. com/node/4060The day I got my first, very faint BFP, I was having cramps (that almost felt like AF was coming) the whole day. Still no spotting, another plus. 16dpiui 940 18dpiui 2286 21dpiui 6352 I started with brown spotting at 4w3d that is why I had the fourth beta. I need opinions, ladies. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I went in for my bloodwork at 16dpiui and finally got my positive! I am now I would love to get a thread going of ALL BFP success stories that's easy to search through. I took HPT on Monday (13dpiui) BFN. AF is not I used dollar store tests and tested on 10dpo and 11dpo, both BFN. 8 18dpiui 639. The symptoms described by you as spotting,nausea,cramps,increased discharge,breast size change,diarrhoea etc are suggestive of pregnancy possibility. 03. I got a BFNokay, that sucks. Is it all over Had just started to allow myself to think that maybe the IUI (intrauterine insemination) had worked and then did a test (clearblue plus) last night (16dpiui) and got a BFN! Am i mad to be hanging onto a shred of hope that i might still be pg and it was a false negative or am i just setting myself up for more disappointment and heartache??? 16 dpo BFN and no AF. I am now 16dpiui and no AF. Second beta was also low, but had doubled in the appropriate timeframe. My AF is 3 days late, i have extremely sore boobs and spotting on and off for 2 days but no normal flow. 11/22/12- Decide since I've gotten 3 very different prices for IUI that we are canceling this cycle but are going to go ahead and ditch the birth control and try on our own. Posts about IUI written by Erin bit of spotting, which my doctor said is normal after the IUI. Miscarriage not on the way?? 11/17/09 Bright red bleeding, painful cramps. I've been caught by af at 12dpiui before so yesterday was so tense for me lol but I've made it to 13dpiui today. ) This was my first cycle switching form femera to clomid so I feel like my cycle is just really out of whack. We pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most welcoming forums for moms and moms to be! Tested yesterday (day 14 post IUI) and today (day 15 post IUI). I was taking progesterone, so I attributed it to that at the time. ovulation-calculator. 16DPIUI & 17DPIUI - Nausea throughout the I took a HPT 9 days post IUI and its a BFN. The kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. I am 16dpiui -is it possible it's still to early to get a positive if this is implantation? Lastly, do I count this as spotting or a Nov 4, 2014 I had bfn til i was 3 days late, i used clearblue test and got bfp fingers . So on Tuesday I called them because it was a BFN and they said to stop taking the supplements that it was probably AF. Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:19 pm. I waited until 16dpiui to confirm BFN and stopped taking them. ometium. i was so dry slight symptoms here and there bbt still high then 15dpo @ 3pm started spoting could i have bfp or to expect AF? please assist. Blog Archive BFN on 15DPIUI with FMU and tested again with FRER BFN 16DPIUI did not test, watery CM BFN. At first I I already did a test on sat but it was bfn. I fully expected to see my temp drop this morning and start spotting or AF sometime today. Test BFN and no AF 16dpiui: no AF 17dpiui: Test in the morning BFN spotting ( dark Had kind of accepted that it was a BFN this month, but have now been told that I need to leave testing for at least 10 days as there good chance could turn out to be BFP! Feel in limbo for another 2 weeks of symptom spotting, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Not surprised, as I haven't had any pgcy symptoms, just really bad pms-type bloating and sore boobs. Will wait for AF or 19dpiui. Status: GelöstAntworten: 524 DPO BFN (please help) - e Health ForumDiese Seite übersetzenehealthforum. 16dpiui bfn and spottingI tested yesterday morning, 16 dpo BFN!! I'm not really having many symptoms of either AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) or pregnancy, but Hello, all! I am popping over from the TTC Club to ask you experienced gals a question (Sorry about the double post. Not red but more than spotting, called to set up IUI. I was told the spot they are seeing by my Right ovary did not get bigge On Thursday I went to the RE for a follow of b/w and u/s. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. So what am I, officially 4 weeks preggo? Oh, and the blood flow US was great according to the tech who perf On Thursday I went to the RE for a follow of b/w and u/s. I have AF like cramps but I have pretty much had those since IUI. It's odd because for me af always starts with a vengence lol, haven't had even anymore spotting since 5am this morning. Page 1 of 3 - Spotting - posted in PG after IVF: Hi All,This whole spotting thing is new to me(Thank you all for your reassurances on my blog and by PM) but it really has me freaked out as the last time I spotted was my first pg (before Emilie) and it ended in a m/cgranted it was more bleeding than spottingbut there was blood!For those of you who spotted does this sound at all My last IUI I was given vaginal progesterone and that held off the spotting. Miscarriage on the way 😦 11/4/09 Bleeding. BFN. I was told the spot they are seeing by my Right ovary did not get bigge Still no AF-type cramps, so that's a plus. did a test this morning at 12pdiui and got a BFN. But this time it was a little redder then before. 5 days with an additional day of brown spotting (normal for me is 4-5 days plus spotting after for a couple days). 8 today (20dpiui). com › Pregnancy Forum › Am I Pregnant ForumThe symptoms described by you as spotting,nausea,cramps,increased discharge,breast size change,diarrhoea etc are suggestive of pregnancy possibility. No my period should have been last Thursday. Autor: Chasing Pitter PattersCramping and BFP | Ovulation CalculatorDiese Seite übersetzenwww. The metallic taste left on Saturday, but I remained tired. Still no 18 Nov 2017 I took a test at 13po and 15dpo and both BFN. Spotting pink First couple Beta numbers? 13dpiui 66. 8mm, down from 9mm 11 days prior. No spotting at all. I was 10 DPO. 6/28/2010: IUI #2 with Clomid and Menopur, 4-6 follies, swimmers 1. The last 2 IUIs I've done I had cysts that lingered, so couldn't cycle the next month. On Thursday and Friday I had a metallic taste in my mouth and was exhausted. I had a failed pregnancy early this year and I knew it would fail when I woke up one day and all my preg symptoms were gone. went down to Disneyland for a couple of days. Day of positive test(s): CD29/15DPO (I think). Do you think I could be pregnant? All tests I've taken this far have been a BFN. Also I had spotting on 5 and 6 dpiui. . Day 3 I had a very light cramp and later some light pink spotting. Yeah, Sunday will be 16dpiui and my otd as given by the clinic. 1st IUI 12/23/15 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 1/8/16 BFNMay 19, 2018 Kate Smith answered this Vaginal Bleeding After Ovulation And . 2 16dpiui 242. 3, BFN in @ 6am (took it before DH Im still spotting, well mostly brown and a stringy bit of blood (tmi) but mostly yellow CM and i tested and got BFN so hoping its just too early or it could just be 16 dpiui no af no bfp. Beta #3 at 21dpIUI=45. My lining was 3. I'm pregnant for 5 wks+4days. A few hours later I started having light pink spotting. I had a BFN this morning and no AF. Pregnant or not? day 3 to 7 Echo done 01/27/2012 _ trigger shot ( 2 days before than last time to avoid missing ovulation) Iui:01/29/2013 15dpiui: Test BFN and no AF 16dpiui: no Communities Expert Forums Symptom spotting: My boobs were SO sore, but that normally happens right before my period. I had spotting earlier this week that I thought was AF gearing up. Beta at 200. On BCP for 2 weeks. Nothing came, until Friday 31st afternoon when I started spotting very Aug 19, 2013 The period is weird! It s between spotting and very light period. Wed. RE says everything looks good. Yes, I literally have a plus/minus table going here. From 10dpo until yesterday I didn't temp b/c I needed a break and thought it was pointless - I'd From 10dpo until yesterday I didn't temp b/c I needed a break and thought it was pointless - I'd22. 02. How are you feeling on 16 days past ovulation? Slicknastyt 5 months ago Cramping badly in my lower abdomen breasts feel heavy bfn yesterday but idk why im 4 days late and 16dpo MorningSky 6 months ago Very fatigued. 0 450 but I started spotting on the day i got the results and also during 13th week pregnancy Am on 16dpiui, no AF or any other symptoms. My next period was due may 23 and it did not come, I took 3 hpt and all bfn. Again, I was told this was no big deal, and all was well. 5 on 16dpiui, then 28. Starting iui for first time. I've never wandered Dec 7, 2014 I've tested twice and bfn. I've had cramps on and off throughout but I have had that every cycle so nothing stands out as different so far. Still waking up all sweaty, a minus. MMC 9w4d 16dpiui I started spotting and thought AF had finally showed up, but the 10 Dec 2006 I had spotting with DD, but that was the day AF was due, so it was and they have been bfn, previous cycle was the same with first response. 13 dpiui BFN. Actually, for whatever reason, it was prometrium this cycle, rather than progesterone. i tested bfn 12 dpo with hpt and bfn on 14 dpo when i was expecting AF. Symptom spotting: In hindsight, I was very easily winded during my workout on Friday. I did beta hcg to check and was negative. 2014 · Well things aren't going well. I am bleeding constantly and it is slightly lighter then my period would be although it is is difficult to tell as I don't usually use pads. 31 Jan 2009 Were you BFN at 17DPO and then BFP a few days later? . Im now 19 days post ovulation. 06. 2006 · Discussion group for all topics related to infertility including preparation for pregnancy, causes, investigation and treatment of infertility. 07. 8. Then I had more red (tmi - kind of mucousy?) spotting mostly when I wiped. The spotting is light but it is there when I wipe. Her LMP was August 3rd I think? She was late, late, late and kept getting BFN. This cycle I have resolved not to test. 2012 · Since that ended, I've been spotting but it is getting less each day

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